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Plumber Service (Things To Do Before The Plumber Gets There)

November 7, 2010
1.Make sure the area the Plumbing is going to work in is clear of debris or hazards chemicals and cleaners. Remove boxes or any books furniture also that may be in the way. Why because some Plumbers will not work in hazards condition and If they do have to move every thing in the way out of the way to make plumbing work area safe and clean it will cost Plumbing rates or more.

2.Your kids are very cute, but please make sure your child or children are not in the way of the plumber and not playing with the plumbers tools, YES! this happens. A plumber would love to answer all your kids question after all the plumber is on the clock.

3.Please any animals dogs cat’s etc. I love animals my self , but put your animals away when the plumber is there. You never know some plumbers may be allergic to animal.

4.Don’t help the Plumber unless he or she ask. Although your gesture is very much appreciated it’s just that some time home owner may be in the way and make the job more difficult. As Plumber I know you want to be helpful and we are grateful for you kindness.

5.Following the Plumber all around the house not a good idea. Even the best plumber needs to focus on he or she job. When the costumer is following plumber around the house and talking it makes it hard for the plumber to concentrate on what he or she should be doing. We love to answer all your question, but this should be done before the job starts. It’s kind of like a back seat driver or some one reading over your shoulders.

6.Before the Plumber starts. Give the plumber some history of the problem if you can, be honest about the problem if you worked on it before the plumber got there that’s OK we all do it. I work in my car before I go to the Auto shop and I’m not a car mechanic I’m trying to save money like you it happens what‘s done is done. Who knows you just may not have had the time to wait for the plumber. The more you tell the truth about the problem the faster the plumber can fix it. Ask your question before the plumber starts not after the job is done.

7.Know were your water or gas cut off is. Yes the Plumber can find it but if you want to get the plumber in and out fast and cut down on you hourly rate know as much about your plumbing has possible. Time is enemy don’t let it get away.

8. Tell them PlumberX sents Ya 🙂

Thank you all very Much PlumberX

Trouble shoot Gas Hot water heater (Polite light going out)

September 16, 2010

Gas Hot Water heaters

Why do my Polite light keep going out ?
1. Check to see if the gas is on at the Water Heater and out side meter (easy over look)
2. Could be a bad thermo coupling
3. Thermostat control valve malfunctioning
4. If the Hot Water Heater flue pipeis connected to the same main flue pipe
That the furnace is hook to. When the furnace kicks on
It can blow out the polite light with back pressure.
5. Water heater in a very hot place. This is some thing that happens
in some parts of Texas like Houston. Where the hot water heater are install
In the attic. The attic can get very hot so hot that it well shut off the
hot water heater. The newer Hot Water Heaters that they have out
Today have a safety device that will cut off the hot water heater completely
Just in case it over heats for your safety. The temperatures in the attic can easy
Assed the 200 or more degrees and the water heater will shut down at around 160 Degrees.
Some hot water heater Manufacture will tell you these hot water heater are not design for the
Attic. But luck has it that some Manufacture will send you out a part that will over ride the attic
Heat and keep your hot water heater functioning. If you have this problem look on the side of your
Hot Water Heater and get the 1-800 Number give them a call and the manufactory will help you.

Not Getting enough hot water
1. Dip tub inside Hot Water Heater is broken off.
2. Thermostat control valve malfunctioning
3. Very old water heater with calcium built up inside (replace Water Heater)

Hot Water Heater making Loud popping Noise
1. To much calcium built in hot water heater
( You can flush the Hot Water Heater out, But that not a guarantee fix
And can be a difficult job. Save Time have it replace)

Plumberx where did you come with the idea for the plumbing videos

September 16, 2010

Hello this is PlumberX. People always ask me what gave you the idea and what made you create these how to plumbing videos?  Coming up with the idea was easy. After many years as a plumber and servicing customers at there home I’ve seen a lot of people in tuff situations, people that could not afford a plumber, people that didn’t have time to wait for a plumber to come to there home and make repairs, hearing horror stories of Plumbers that have rip off costumers and gave bad service, to me this was a loud cry for help. One story come to mind;  A friend of mine calls me and ask, Claude could you do me a favor and help this older lady that I know, and go by and look at her Plumbing, she needs plumbing work really bad but she’s to scared to call a plumber because of the cost, and she know that if I send you over there to check out the plumbing she can trust me as a friend recommending you, sure I said I could do that. The next day came and I went to the older lady’s home she came to the door with a pleasant smile very humble. I could see it in her eye’s she didn’t have to say a word ( What is this going to cost ) she was very polite and courteous. Sir would you like some thing to drink and I do appreciate you coming to check out my plumbing on such short notice. No problem mam, lets see what’s going on here with your plumbing. This way Sir in the kitchen. As I walk through the home I saw in the corner of my eye’s younger children around 3, 5 and 6 years of age running around the house Im sure they were her Grandkids; right away I knew they also stayed there and grandmother seem to have her hands full. I would say it’s safe to say that grandmother was helping raise them or she was doing it all alone. Yea I’m a softy, seeing all this going on before I even seen the plumbing problem just made me thankful of my situation and hoping that I could help her out, and maybe just for that day I could give her a chance to catch her breath and take away some of the worries she had going on. I finely made it to the kitchen sink. Here you go Sir I’ll leave you alone and let you work again thank you so much in a humble voice she says. I look under the kitchen sink. WOW! That’s it I said to my self. It was a chrome P-Trap that had just corroded from the bottom leaking into a large cooking pot, five minute job to replace it. I was curious. Mam How long has this been like this. Two years Sir. I ask really? Yes. Mam were have you been washing your dishes I ask. In the tube. OH! I said. Can you fix it Sir? She ask. Yes mam not a problem. For a minute I saw a little sigh of relief on her face, but she caught her self. Sir do you have any idea what this is going to cost? Yes Mam, in a low voice I said nothing mam.  I didn’t have to say it to loud because I didn’t want it to seem as if I was doing her a big favor because I was feeling just as humble as she was; the smile and the relief on her face was more than enough for me she was really doing me a big favor, I was enjoying the idea that I was helping someone God had sent me to. Yes I know this is a small job but there are many people out there that don’t realizes this and they are really scared to call a plumber.
There are no plumbing videos out there like these. It took me years to develop these videos. We know there is a need out there for these plumbing repair videos. After years of plumbing service, we have come across many people who really could not afford a plumber and went years without plumbing services, even to the point that they would have to move from their home or pay thousands of dollars for plumbing repairs. If only these people had this knowledge, they could and would have saved their home and their money.We know you are out there. We have come to save the day. Everyone does not have $90 to $200 to have a plumber come out just to tell them what the problem is and what it will cost to fix. We are not trying to put plumbers out of work. We are just trying to keep you out of the red. There will still be times when you may need a plumber, but wouldn’t you feel good understanding what the plumber is doing and what you are getting for your money. You know that you are not going to be cheated because you have a better understanding of the problem and how it can be fixed.